The 7 Joyful Automatons were created by the evil bureaucrat Agnak in order to destroy The Fuzzies as part of a cover up operation to protect the newfound alliance between the Xymel and the Armonicons. These seven obsolete robots were to be taken to a museum. Agnak instead retrofitted them with animal forms and special sonic abilities, creating his own personal task force. Agnak sent the automatons to destroy the Fuzzies, which they failed to do. Instead of returning to Agnak, the automatons decided to bum around space together making music. Each automaton is literally its own musical instrument.


Ping, raccoon, bells.

Blonk, frog, bassoon.

Lang, sea otter, viola.

Nemba, lizard, bass.

Tesh, rabbit, drums.

Wom, hedgehog, organ.

Oot, bird, flute.


7 Joyful Automatons




Automatic Canon

Temporal Omen

Lost Beloved

Far from Home


Robin Waltz

Souveniers of planet Earth

The Black Hole

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