Aardvark is the Super-heroine name of Sally Sessik. She is a member of the Weird Warriors and has appeared in Intense Stories.

Origin Edit

Sally is the daughter of a Mr. Sessik the zookeeper. One day, when preparing to open a new area featuring insectivores, Sally accompanied her father to receive a large shipment of animals. The animals were contaminated with Bin's Virus, a creation of alien origin designed to viralize an host's DNA and immediately enact it in its next host. Despite the best efforts of experts from the Center for Mutant Research, Mr. Sessik was transformed into an anteater and the chief veterinarian into a tamandua. Sally, who contacted multiple instances of the virus, remained partially human, but gained a wide array of insectivore powers.

Aardvark was created specifically for the Weird warriors by Oren Otter.

Appearance Edit

Sally is covered in brown fur. Her face is almost human, except for the fur and a brown, leathery nose. Her ears are bear-like and can move freely. Her hands and feet are equipped with heavy claws. She has the tail of an anteater, with a large white stripe, as well as an anteater's strip across her chest. Sally's hair is long, brown and very wavy.

While Sally would be very happy wearing only her fur, and frequently does so at home, as a superheroine, she wears what used to be her "cat-lady" halloween costume, which consists of a red one-piece torso covering, boots and gloves, each with a forked opening, and a partial mask which covers her eyes and the top of her head.

Personality Edit

Sally is a lover of others. She adores animals and people, but especially loves the insectivores at the zoo. She thinks nothing of putting herself in danger to help others.

Powers Edit

Tongue: Aardvark's tongue is able to extend to nearly ten feet. It us unusually resistant to damage. She also has uncanny aim with it.

Hide alteration: Aardvark's hide is normally fur, but she has the power to change it into quills, pangolin scales or armadillo armor.

Claws: nuff said.

Acid blood: Anyone biting into Aardvark's flesh would get a nasty burn. Under extreme duress, she is able to release spurts of blood through glands in her wrists.

Insectivore sense: Aardvark has a psychic sense which tells her where to find things. It directs her to places where her services are needed. It also gives her a form of psychometry, allowing her to touch an object and immediately know its internal structure.

Enhanced dexterity: Sally has the combined dexterity of all tree-dwelling insectivores.

Heightened intelligence: Anteaters have highly efficient brains to compensate for mental sluggishness due to low body temperature. At a constant 98.6, Aardvark has unimpeded use of her enhanced brain.

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