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Amanda May Vary (no pun intended) is the daughter of Oren. In most incarnations, she appears as a living plush toy.

Amanda is the star of her own comic series, Amanda and her Plushie Friends. She also appears in The Changing Workplace and Pop Deutsch. A slight variation of the character appears in Otter Island.


Amanda is made of plain brown, tan and black cloth. Oren began sewing her on May 14, 1999. (As it was mothers' day, Oren was feeling very blue about not having children.) She was completed on May 16, 1999.

Amanda has no fur. Her main body is constructed of chocolate brown cloth. Her face and underbelly are a dark tan while her hands and feet are black. Though she was originally filled with plastic beads so as to dry quickly when immersed, most of her beans were replaced with stuffing to reduce weight. Her eyes are plastic google-eyes and are glued to her face with wood glue. Her stitches are a surgical type and have held strong for many years.

On the radio, Amanda is voiced by Oren, his voice sped to 175% normal, and is similar to that of Cute Pink Bunny.

The usual incarnation of Amanda, because she represents all of Oren's hopes for a child, is simultaneously every age from zero to twenty-one, mentally.

All incarnations of Amanda are highly telepathic.

It is believed that Amanda acts as a cosmic lynchpin, aligning a large number of universes due to the fact that her many incarnations are co-substantial.

Amanda's best friend is Sira the weasel.

Other Incarnations[]

Otter Island Amanda is a princess from the Hundredth Vale. She was born human and transformed into a plush toy to save her from a terrible plague. Aside from Zillion the zebra, Amanda is the last of her people. She has recently returned to the Hundredth Vale after the disappearance of her adoptive father, where she commands an army of rock-men and dryads.

Intense Amanda is better known as Ottergirl. She first appeared in The Last Otter Warrior 2 as a were-otter. She later became a member of the Beastknights, and also appeared in Tommy and PJ as a much older woman, though she projected herself into Tommy's Mind as her cloth alter-ego. She is related to Chod Verden, helmsman of the Enterprise, who is also a were-otter.

Metamor Keep Amanda is the daughter of Oren of Hipocc and Vitra the hobgoblin, and twin of Sira. In MK, she is a fully telepathic anthropomorphic otter and is theorized to be one of the founders of the third city of light.

Pokémon Amanda is a level 100 vaporeon.

Real life Amanda is identical to the one which appears in The Changing Workplace, except for being animate. When the day comes that Oren has a living daughter, the identity will be transfered to her and her old toy form will be retired, both in real life and in the comics.