Anders is the star of Webcomic U. He is a tamandua, a South American anteater, although his personality is neither South American nor especially bestial. He is the roommate of Bob the Box, Wilburforce, and Jim Fluffle.

Appearance Edit

Anders stands a little over a meter tall. His fur is pale tan with brown at the end of his muzzle surrounding his nose and mouth, and on his tail. His only clothing is a pair of white cotton gloves, echoing a time when many animated cartoon characters were drawn that way because it is easier to animate. Defying that convention, Anders' gloves may be removed.

Personality Edit

Anders is optimistic and enthusiastic, but he is also somewhat naive. This means that he is constantly shocked by each unexpected experience, of which his new environment seems to have no shortage; nevertheless, Anders is level-headed and adaptable enough to take things in stride as he starts to get used to them. He is perhaps the least eccentric among his peers for the fact that he does not approach his education with preconceived ideas about how he is supposed to act.