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Aroma is a female anthropomorphic striped skunk who resides at Frye's mansion in Fort Crawlins in Critter County, Colorado. She is the sister of Chanelle Skunk Fluffle.


Aroma was introduced as a main character in the comic strip Room For One More, mentioned by name before her first appearance. She is a student at Critter County College and she also runs a part-time home decorating business on the side. Her attempts at cooking used to have very odd side effects, often ending in her fur catching on fire; this prompted Frye to install shower heads all along one hallway.

Oddly, very little is known about her past, except that she was born in the area. Her parents have never been seen and it is unknown whether she has any other relatives.


Aroma is about 150 centimeters tall and has white fur from her nose and cheeks to below her stomach. Her hands and feet are also white. The rest of her fur is black with the characteristic white stripe from the top of her head to the tip of her tail. Her main notable characteristic is she has no bust whatsoever. She points out she does "have them" but they are no more apparent than on a male of average weight. This feature did change dramatically once, when she was tricked by the mad endocrinologist Dr. Smith-Brown into being part of a plan to control the world's milk supplies, but it was reversed.


Aroma is a rather eccentric artist. Her ideas for interior decor involve such things as zebra-stripe wallpaper and fuzzy lampshades, although her most regular clients, the Rivertons, have strange enough tastes as well. Her other passion is cooking, although to say she was not very good at it would be extremely generous. Since Hoots took over as resident cook, Aroma has stayed out of the kitchen and does not seem to mind. She has an unfortunate knack for speaking her mind without weighing her words, but she is not oblivious of other people's feelings, and she means well. Aroma is also what one might call a hopeless romantic, wishing to be swept away by Prince Charming; and right now, she has her heart set on Adonis Leonine. She is waiting, rather impatiently, for him to reciprocate her feelings to her satisfaction. This last fact was what influenced her to agree to Dr. Smith-Brown's strange gland-enhancement procedure, though she has learned that Adonis just needs time to express his feelings.