Barbecue Ribs are delicious and should appear in every comic.


Slathered in rich, tangy smoky sauce, the meat can either be chewy or soft enough to slide off the bone.


Pigs are born from large sows at factories, then killed and processed for the tasty, sauce slathered goodness we call the Rib.

Cows are born as "calves" from female cows named Bessie. They are known to be tasty when covered in honey barbecue sauce.

Other IncarnationsEdit

Pork Ribs: Created from pigs with incredible powers of tastiness.

Brisket: Shredded meat from cows with supernatural taste powers.

McDonalds McRib Sandwich: Pork processed into a gooey paste and squished into rib shaped molds. Not a true incarnation of the rib.

Applebees Riblets: Part of a beef rib cut into smaller portions with an incredible power to make you so full you don't eat the fries. They appear to have changed their recipe as of late.

Zarda Brisket: Not a true brisket.

Grandview Beef Pit Ribs: Known to contain large chunks of gristle and are served on a piece of bread to catch the grease.

B.B.'S Lawnside Barbecue Ribs: Very expensive, but rumored to be good when served in conjunction with their excellent blues music.

Gates Barbecue Ribs: More expensive than B.B.'s, but also tasty with the correct, non-spicy sauce.

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