The Beastknights are a superhero team in the Intense Universe made up of psionic were-mustelids.

Origin Edit

The Beastknights were created by the ancient geneticist Zungo Utra to combat interplanetary terrorism. Utra did not create them directly, but carefully steered events to result in their creation.

Most individual members of the Beastknights arose from independent stories, some of which were released, some of which were not.

Mission Edit

The Beastknights exist to combat the URPS (An acronym which does not translate into English), an army of terrorists from planet Naru. The URPS are Naruvians, and thus able to add and remove body parts at will. Their purpose on Earth is to steal powers from paranormals to further their criminal advances. Their ultimate goal is to amalgamate the entire universe into their gestalt entity, Unalon. To keep the enemy unaware of their movements, the Beastknights prefer to work in secret, using both their transformation powers and their psionics to remain unnoticed by the general public. This does not always work.

Members Edit

Zungo Utra- The creator of the Beastknights is an ancient being from the Limifon galaxy and co-creator of the limifite animals. He has remained alive using a system of artificial reincarnation, changing species and gender many times. His current incarnation is a baby badger.

King Skunk- Nick Norbin, the leader of the Beastknights, former member of the Jolt Squad, was the only one given his powers by Utra directly. At that time, Utra's incarnation was the queen of the skunks. Nick and Utra were briefly married until Utra's death and reincarnation. Nick's powers include the transformation of others into skunks and animal communication and control.

Ottergirl- Amanda Verden, daughter of Oren Verden from The Last Otter Warrior. Amanda is a powerful telepath.

Weasel-Girl- Sira Taylor, formerly of the Square Pegs. Her power is telekinesis.

Ferrex- From Googoltown, Louisiana, William Falconer is able to find objects clairvoyantly. William was believed to have been killed by URPS when they stole his arms. Using his metamorphic powers, William staved off death. Presently, Ferrex is completely Naruvian.

Minx- Gloria has the power to charm and intimidate, increasing her charisma ridiculously.

Wolverteen- A shy nerd turned wild beast, Danny is the team's powerhouse. His power is omnilinguistics.

Ermine the Kid- Elwood Merrick was not originally meant to be part of the team. He just happened to be a psionic were-mustelid who cropped up on his own and offered his services. Elwood has the power of peekaboo. He can walk around in plain sight, completely unnoticed.

Amber Marten- Amber has the power to lie convincingly, even if the lie she is telling is patently ridiculous. Amber also came into being without Zungo's interference.

Fisher 98 - The youngest member of the team, this boy, whose real name is unknown, has the power to communicate telepathically with computers. Fisher 98 was also not meant to be part of the team.

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