Bonzai is a dryad and the star of Bonzaiyaki. Her physical body is a bonsai tree. Her spirit, however, can assume full physical form, and is capable of most biological functions, such as eating, drinking and breathing. Because her tree is so small and can easily be placed within a box or quiver, Bonzai may be the only dryad capable of moving freely.

Appearance Edit

As a tree, Bonzai is a well-groomed bonsai with three tufts of foliage. Her humanoid half is about three feet tall with an unruly tuft of spiky green hair. Her skin is heavily tanned, and she does not wear clothes. Having none of the human parts which require covering, she sees no need of them, and thus remains naked like the majority of her kind. The only thing she does wear is a quiver in which she is able to carry her tree.

Origin Edit

Bonzai was actually created for a video RPG entitled Manifold Crisis which, if and when created, will be the culmination of several sagas, including and especially Otter Island.

Personality Edit

Bonzai is highly inquisitive, always asking questions, even when they get her into trouble. She loves to explore, and is friendly with all creatures, even the ones she knows are trouble. Her best friend is Yaki the squirrel, whose penchant for mischief is the perfect counterpoint for her curiosity.

Trivia Edit

"Bonzaiyaki" is a kind of sauce that is both sweet and spicy.

Bonzai does not know who her parents are. This may or may not be significant.

Bonzai recently discovered that she is a princess.

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