Boyle is an anthropomorphic opossum, the socially unrefined cousin of Frye Opossum.

Origin Edit

Boyle appeared suddenly on the scene at Frye's Mansion claiming inheritance of Crazy Uncle Ned Opossum's fortune, ironically following the flashback to the story of how Frye gained her inheritance. For whatever reason, Boyle had received the same notice as Frye had so much earlier. Not knowing who he was, Frye attempted a few different methods to scare him off, but even her famous creepy eyes failed, as Boyle quickly proved he had the same eyes himself. Fortunately, Boyle was not really interested in money or even the mansion, accustomed as he was to placing the highest value on land ownership. He offered only to claim as much of the estate as he liked. The tree in the front yard seemed to him the best part of the property, so much so that he felt a little guilty for leaving Frye with the rest. He also brought with him his wife, Fnaire's cousin Aurora.

Appearance Edit

Boyle is still just a kid, standing about one meter tall, although he is fully mature if not quite fully grown. He has not yet been seen in color, but it is probable that his ears and tail are speckled from frostbite as with most opossums living out in the open. He wears a pair of faded shorts with suspenders.

Personality Edit

Boyle is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He is arguably more stereotypical of someone from the American South than even Frye is. Probably his upbringing, such as it was, placed little or no importance on the "three R's" in favor of more immediately practical survival skills. Nonetheless, Boyle is genuinely compassionate as well as honest and very straightforward. He loves his wife and would do anything for her. Last but not least, in keeping with tradition, he has a playful mischievous side which so far is mostly expressed in the context of romance within his marriage.

Relatives Edit

Frye, cousin

Aroura, wife

Kiki, infant daughter

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