the Brass Menagerie is the group name used by Oren Otter after developing multiple personalities in an arc of Oren's Monastery.


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The personalities making up the Brass Menagerie include a few unique characters, but most already exist as characters in Pandora comics. They include:

-Oren Otter, the original

-Fnaire Antbear, a beautiful and very feminine anteater

-Chaos Otter, a stammering yet adventurous anthro otter

-Owlguin Takanawa, an owl/panguin hybrid and a bubble goth

-Woofy, a piano-playing dog

-Michael Sixeagles, a Lakota rat who seems to be much wiser than Oren

-Firoz, Fnaire's son to whom she gives birth in Headspace

-Savvat, a dire polar bear whose function is to absorb pain

-Tress Mew, descendant of the Owl and the Pussycat

-Cox, an apple tree dryad

-All seven of the 7 Joyful Automatons

Support crewEdit

Along with the conscious personalities, refered to as "alters", Oren also finds that he can contact bits of his subconscious mind, which take on the appearance of different characters in headspace. These include:

-The System, an organic computer which controls the Menagerie's multiplicity

-Kzzztk, a crystaline bat who helps communicate the Menagerie's wishes to the System

-The Priest, an ox-horned griffin who embodies Oren's spirituality

-Breed, a degree-shifting and gender-shifting rabbit who embodies sexual function

-The Significator, resembling a recognizer with a single eyeball in the middle, which applies emotional significance to sensory data.

-Jukebox, the musical recall system, which resembles a 50's style juke box with the legs of an astromech droid

-Libraria, the night mare, weaver of nightmares

-Reynaldo, the fake, weaver of good dreams

-Slow-Wave, a crystal ball, who weaves slow-wave dreams

-The Captain, a hairy creature in a raincoat who represents the functions of the navigational visual cortex

-Fear, a deer who embodies unthinking reflex. Fear and the Captain are best friends.

-Rage, a ball of angry energy which only appears in the Spore Adventures version of the story


The members of the Brass Menagerie and the Support crew are able to interact in Headspace, a dream realm in which they all inhabit a land called the Uncanny Valley.

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