Briarwood is a mare who lives at Castle Horsetooth and works as the partner of Sir Fluren.

Origin Edit

Briarwood was born in what today is Fort Crawlins, Colorado.

Briarwood was created specifically for Castle Horsetooth by Oren Otter and Eala Dubh.

Appearance Edit

Briarwood is a uniform maple-brown color with a blonde mane and tail. She has pouty lips, sleepy eyes, and a very slight bosom. Her normal apparel consists of a bridle, reins and a belt, sometimes with a small sack for carrying money or a snack.

Personality Edit

Briarwood is extremely intelligent, and often frustrated with her partner's childish naiveté. What she lacks, however, is creativity. Because she is so left-brained and Fluren so right-brained, they make the perfect complementary pair.

It has been hinted that Briarwood may secretly have a crush on Fluren. As of yet, this has not been substantiated.

Trivia Edit

Briarwood is distantly related to Tiffany Runninghorse.

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