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Cafe is the name of a sentient restaurant in the Otter Island stories. Because Cafe is the only point of interest on his world, the world is also named Cafe.


The world now known as Cafe was once a thriving civilization. The town nearest Oberon's gate was a bustling mining community, exporting minerals such as azurite, scotomite, xanthium and phonicite. Many years ago, Nexicul took the dimension over and transformed all of the people into zombies. Centuries passed. Magical leakage from Oberon's gate was absorbed by the local restaurant, causing it to become sentient, as well as to gain shape-changing powers.


Cafe has no senses. He is only able to perceive the world through others. This he does by a direct matter exchange in a manner reminiscent of Star Trek's Gendlii. A visitor must concentrate on what he wants to communicate, then offer Cafe a sample of his body. Cafe is likewise able to place his thoughts in another's mind, appearing as a well-dressed waiter, whenever a visitor consumes a portion of his mass.

As he is incapable of moving, Cafe travels by giving someone a bag of lozenges. Through constant contact with the traveler, this avatar is able to experience whatever the traveler experiences. When the traveler returns, Cafe re-absorbs the lozenges and the two Cafes become one again.


Cafe gave Zarro the Ottermobile, which was in turn given to him by dwarves.

Cafe may be the only creature ever to glimpse Nexicul's mind.