Captain Hurricane is the newest addition to HALO's roster of heroes, a weasel with a an air elemental ring.

Origin Edit

Very little is known about this character. H.A.L.O. encountered Captain Hurricane in the midst of the entangled second chapter. He claimed to have assumed his superhero identity for the noble purpose of making a difference for good in the world, and he appeared well-intentioned but sadly under-experienced.

H.A.L.O. took him in for his own protection. They suspect his ring may be related to the elephant bandit's fire ring and The Cleanser's water ring.

Powers Edit

With his ring, he can control air pressure and air currents, generating strong gusts in any direction as well as whirlwinds.

Personality Edit

Hurricane seems to suffer from a certain degree of low self-esteem, which his new-found power is helping him to overcome. This was especially evident when he learned he might have to give up his ring. He has been known to stretch the truth to avoid embarrassment. Nevertheless, he has some courage as well as a strong sense of justice and morality.

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