Centoskids are a humanoid race from the water moon of Zirco which orbits Auctaurus in the Arcturus system in the Intense Universe. They are amphibious, able to hold their breath for long periods of time (at least by human standards) and are well adapted to swimming.


This race was created by Oren Otter for the story series Chronicles of Procyon, which shares its setting with the webcomic Tommy and PJ, where the first one to be seen was first mate on the galactic transport ship which carried the Tomiases from the Sol system to Procyon.

It is assumed that, like all humanoid races, were genetically engineered in ancient times so as to be well-adapted to their environment.


The typical centoskid is tall and muscular with pale gray or pink skin and a hard white plate on the top of the head continuing down to the nose. The shape of this plate is the chief secondary sexual characteristic; the rear of the plate features a depression in males and a protuberance in females. The mouth is similar to the mouth of a rhinoceros and has two swine-like tusks which act as a canard while swimming. The forearms, calves, and back have fin-like features which aid in swimming. On either side of the dorsal fin is a set of gills which allow a centoskid to stay immersed indefinitely under the right conditions. Female centoskids possess two sets of breasts, the lower tending to be smaller.


Taking some pride in their physical strength, centoskids tend to prefer jobs which require muscle, notwithstanding they are not at all limited to manual labor. Some of their race have even functioned as Santa for the world of Zirco.


The centoskids have a long-standing hostile relationship with the Auctauros who inhabit Auctaurus, the planet which their homeworld orbits. Their hostility was forced into abeyance when Auctaurus was accepted as a member of the United federation of Worlds, of which Zirco was a charter member.


The design for centoskids was inspired by the toy Mirage of the original line of Hasbro Transformers. With the chestpiece raised to cover the face, it looks strikingly like a centoskid, right down to the gills.