Chuck is a vegetarian vampire who appears in Bonzaiyaki.


Chuck may be the result of a mixup at the storkworks. It is likely that he is actually a vampiel, a living offspring of a vampire and a living creature.

Chuck was created specifically for Bonzaiyaki.


As a humanoid, Chuck is a gangly, freckle-faced youth with bright orange hair, pointed ears and a sizable chin. In this form, he wears the traditional cape and spiked collar, but prefers bright oranges and reds to the usual black.

As a bat, Chuck is a cute fruit bat with shaggy orange fur.


Chuck is extremely affable and is on good terms with nearly all the inhabitants of the enchanted grove, save those who grow, sell or eat fruits and/or nuts. While normal vampires are driven by an uncontrollable urge to drink blood, Chuck is driven by an uncontrollable urge to eat fruit. This has gotten him into severe trouble with Yaki, whose nut stores one day mysteriously disappeared.


Unlike normal vampires, Chuck can stay out in the sun indefinitely, as long as he remembers his sunscreen.

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