Crazy Uncle Ned Opossum was the uncle of both Frye and Boyle.

The FortuneEdit

Ned was a very clever opossum. He copyrighted the phrase "If I had a nickel for every time..." and rapidly amassed 45 billion dollars. Using his fortune, he built a mansion at what is now 86711 Prospect Blvd. When Ned died, his fortune and house were left to his niece Frye and his nephew Boyle, who has all but waived rights to the money.

Impact on recent historyEdit

When Ned built his mansion, he built it over an ancient magical dumping ground, which may explain why the house seems larger on the inside than on the outside. Within the magic dump are two portals, one leading to other dimensions of the multiverse and the other to other universes. The former was been left open on Homonymia for centuries, allowing some magical creatures such as unicorns through to infest the mansion.

Two tribes of savages live in the cellars of the mansion, each claiming that the other caused Ned to build his mansion over their village. In reality, both moved into the mansion because it was warmer.

Ned hired the villainous Rudy Marquette as foreman for the construction project. He must not have known much about the character of the donkey-in-disguise.

Ned built a shopping mall in one of the lower levels. Upon his death, most merchants moved out, save one cobra named Clarice, who has now taken over the entire mall.

Little else is known about Ned, as he passed away before the beginning of the series.

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