Cute Pink Bunny the opossum (She's not a opossum. "The opossum" is her last name.) is a DJ on OtterTunes and host of Bunny's Love Songs

Origin Edit

Bunny was created by Oren Otter, who provides her voice, to act as the host of an hour of love songs. Two such hours were created, the second of which sees Bunny falling in love with Stinky Bob the opossum.

In Quest of the Therian Urn, it is revealed that she was originally a human named Kwon Pei, a broadcasting student at UCLA who traded her humanity for all the information she could squeeze out of The Urn about itself.

Appearance Edit

Bunny is a pink rabbit who stands roughly two feet high when upright. She has large, cartoon eyes and short, red whiskers which give her the appearance of having freckles.

Personality Edit

Bunny is a sunny, giggly sort who loves everybody, though she especially loves Stinky Bob. When she is crossed, however, she can become quite dangerous. For example, during her wedding, when Ulrich the Uncouth was about to voice his objections, Bunny said "Ulrich! I'm surprised you made it here with two broken legs!" When Ulrich replied "Ulrich no have broken legs." Bunny responded "That's a relief. Let's keep it that way, shall we?" Ulrich said "Never mind" and sat down.

Relatives Edit

Bunny is married to Stinky Bob The Opossum (pronounced with a silent O). Nicky, their son, was born to her on Christmas morning, 2008 and was named for St. Nicholas.

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