Dark Avenger Nine is the elder and mentor of H.A.L.O., as well as the biological father of Rainbow. He helps to coordinate and oversee the team's activities. He is a quiet, mysterious type, avoiding all forms of attention most of the time. Like J Shifter, he is not an amalgam character.

Origins Edit

It could be said DA9 has two origins, one of which has not been fully disclosed. He began as a superhero in the Darkfox universe, a member of a four-man team called the Night Squad. (The identities of those other characters have not been revealed and it is possible they will never be seen again.) Dark Avenger was transformed by magic into an anthropomorphic rabbit by the wizard Melgru and sent to the Happy Forest universe. Having no way to get back, Dark Avenger adopted a peaceful identity in keeping with his surroundings and married a local rabbit, which led to the birth of his daughter Rainbow. (The fact that the current Rainbow is an amalgam, however, implies that Dark Avenger already had a daughter named Rayna.) In his own world, he was thought to be dead, and his matter was already a mixture; thus, when the universes were merged, he became a discontinuity. No one knew who he was except Rainbow who, as far as Dark Avenger convinced himself, only believed because of what he told her.

In the new merged universe, DA's body began to react in a similar manner to J Shifter's, except that in his case, he suffered tissue damage to the extent that he was forced to rely on a sophisticated cybernetic exoskeleton to move around. Furthermore, his life essence was tied to the shard of matter from the Happy Forest universe.

In the current recreated HALO universe, it seems he was meant to continue living, a circumstance which J Shifter might have had a hand in, but that cannot be the whole explanation. He continues to wear his armor and cape, but it is not known whether or not he remains physically disabled.

Other relationships Edit

Dark Avenger apparently is a brilliant inventor, having at one time a team of androids at his disposal. One of those, unit EA-15, became a hero in his own right.

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