Darkmask is a female raccoon and a charter member of H.A.L.O. Her most obvious distinction is that she seems to have the worst bad luck part of the time and the most astonishing good luck the other part of the time. She is the sister of Shadowclaw.

Origins Edit

Little is known about Darkmask's early history, except that she grew up in extreme poverty. Her family was constantly embroiled in a turf war with a clan of cats over scavenging rights on residential trash cans. At some point, she must have discovered she had some unusual power and decided to become a hero. She appears to be trained in close combat with a staff, although her powers tend to interfere with her effectiveness. In the merged universe, Darkmask was an amalgam of a raccoon named Lucky and a mutant who absorbed light. She was reborn when the HALO universe was recreated.

Powers Edit

Darkmask's power influences probability, which may be detected as affecting the spin of subatomic particles such as electrons and quarks. In general, it is described as storing up luck and releasing it at a later time. This is a combination of the powers of the Darkfox mutant character and the Happy Forest character. It has been shown to aid not only Darkmask herself but also her allies.

Personality Edit

An enigmatic character, Darkmask is excitable, reckless, and at the same time confident and intelligent. It must be that knowledge of her powers has allowed her to expect she will not come to any serious harm, while at the same time she never knows quite what to expect to happen next.

Trivia Edit

Darkmask's power, though it has no official name, is often referred to as "the Ron factor" after Disney's Ron Stoppable, who seems to have a similar type of luck.

Darkmask is the most likely to wind up naked, as her powers gladly sacrifice her clothes to protect her.

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