Destructia is a female superhero character from the Weird Warriors. She belongs to the Denver chapter. She comes from a planet other than Earth.

Destructia apparently bears a passing resemblance to Aardvark, which caused Doc Zanik to mistake Aardvark for her. However, her appearance seems to be best described as cervine, or a "deer woman."

Destructia was created by Limifites as part of an experiment to duplicate the powers of human mutants for use in their war against the Gomided. Born a normal sentient deer by the name of Dara Pelliugh, she was imbued with viralized genes from the Electrokinetic mutant Zapper. As a result of the experiment, Dara gained Zapper's electrokinetic powers, but also turned into a humanoid. A modification to her hair folicles prevents her fur from falling out due to electrolysis, a problem which has plagued Zapper his entire life.

The stop-at-nothing attitude of her superiors in obtaining mutant DNA led Dara to question the moral implications of the mission, resulting in her defection to Earth.

By complete coincidence, Destructia is almost identical to the Auctauros of planet Auctaurus.

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