Dolby is a one of the main characters of Magimals. He is also Taji's lead magimal. He is a male of the tweeter/midrange/woofer species.


Dolby first appeared in Magimals strip number one as a tweeter. At that time, he belonged to Taji's employer, Prefessor Sycamore, (also known to his friends as Ephraim.) Dolby was fairly aggressive at that time and would bite Taji on the ear or finger. When Sycamore sent Taji on his quest to capture one of every variety of Magimal, he offered Dolby to Taji as a helper. Taji almost did not accept Dolby, but after careful consideration, decided that Dolby was the least likely of Sycamore's magimals to do serious bodily damage to him. Dolby and Taji began growing closer upon their first capture, but there is still tension.


As a Tweeter, Dolby was the typical green with red cheek spots and amber feet and beak. On his chest, a large circle reminiscent of a speaker, and on his forehead, the treble clef common to all tweeters. While on Gold Island, Dolby began his transformation into a midrange. He is now much larger, but does not yet have the typical red downy plumage common to the adolescents of his species.


While in the possession of Professor Sycamore, Dolby thought himself dominant over Taji, and would therefore treat him aggressively. It galled him to find himself suddenly belonging to Taji and forced to obey him. Dolby does obey Taji, especially in battle when he is able to really cut loose, but if Taji makes a mistake, Dolby will still register his displeasure. Taji and Dolby have grown much closer, and share a bond of loyalty, but Dolby still occasionally nips, especially now that his teeth are coming in.


Dolby's main attack is the shrill whistle, but he also knows deafen, peck, seize and lullaby. And of course, he can fly.


Dolby has no known relatives. However, he shares a brotherly bond with Waylon, the Sparkscamp.

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