Dr. Hood was a cobra, the villain of the first chapter of HALO. He was defeated by J Shifter but there is evidence that H.A.L.O. has not seen the last of him yet.

Origin Edit

Dr. Hood began as a highly intelligent serpent in the Happy Forest universe. When Dr. Gary Pennyweight, a resident of the Darkfox universe, discovered the O-gate leading to the Happy Forest universe, Hood and Pennyweight met for the first time and found they were very much kindred spirits. Hood, however, found the lure of the pursuit of power irresistible and when he stumbled upon the existence of the Microverse, all his energies went toward acquiring the creative energy of the fount of creation for himself. Once all his plans were complete to create a merged universe--one with the physical laws needed to change size and at the same time containing the Microverse--he used Pennyweight's technology to erase Pennyweight's mind and merge his limbless snake body with that of the human physicist.

As the last survivor of the Happy Forest universe, Hood's body contained the shard of matter belonging to that reality, just as Dark Avenger Nine had possessed the shard from the Darkfox universe. Hood later discovered his merged body was not suitable to make the journey to the Microverse, making it necessary to steal another one--that of Jay Kayton. Jay was able to elude Hood long enough for the O-gate to recharge, but Hood must have had a back-up plan. As sheer luck would have it, he intercepted and acquired the body of another trans-dimensional alien, some kind of one-eyed mollusk-like creature capable of surviving in a vacuum, which set Hood immediately upon his final task.

Hood was destroyed when Jay allowed his body to self-destruct, as it was already scheduled to do, but his last thought was of being reborn as soon as he gained control of the fount of creation.

Not the End? Edit

Seeing the ghosts of Rainbow and Malaika, Hood was sure death was merely a temporary setback, but he did not know the rule, as Lorna the psychic had explained it, that one must be at peace with the Creator and die before one's appointed time.

Jay recreated the HALO universe complete with a history basically consistent with that of the merged universe, but discontinuities have arisen, particularly involving a number of artifacts including a shape-changing mask, an earth elemental gauntlet, and a number of elemental rings which H.A.L.O. has already encountered. Time will tell if these are in fact the physical remains of their old nemesis.

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