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Dryads, as they appear in the Otter Island Multiverse, are faerie folk. They have trees as their physical bodies, but also have sapient spirits which are able to assume humanoid form and wander about performing most normal human activities. Unlike dryads of classic mythology, multiverse dryads can be either male or female. The tree portion of the dryad may be any kind of tree, whether deciduous, coniferous, or in rare instances, even succulent.



Dryads do not wear clothing, as they do not have those parts which humans consider unsightly, and thus have no need of it.


While dryads do recognize family members, the bonds between kin are not very tight. Older members of a grove are frequently referred to as "aunt" or "uncle", even when there is no relation. Because most dryads cannot travel, bonds tend to be greater with those nearby than to those with actual "sap" relation.


While employment is not necessary for a dryad, some do take jobs to keep themselves mentally stimulated. These usually include such tree-related activities as housing birds, producing fruit, shepherding normal trees, or in rare instances, becoming a cookie factory.


Although dryads are male and female, their humanoid halves are not capable of sex. They must reproduce in the usual way for their particular species of tree. Because dryads cannot reproduce with normal trees, only with dryads, they will often utilize their humanoid parts, with the male carrying his pollen up to a mile away to give it to a female.

Notable individuals[]

  • Bonzai
  • Nexicul
  • Cox
  • Clem
  • Peuko
  • Aunt Nana
  • Aunt Holly
  • Douglas Fir
  • Mister Toh