Faeries, also known as fae or fair folk, are immortal creatures of uncertain origin who like to play tricks on people. They are often considered the offspring of Oberon. In the context of the Multiverse, faeries are magical beings whose job is to maintain order among the many dimensions. Faeries are powerful magic adepts but they have definite weaknesses, particularly the limitations of Fairy restrictions. In the Multiverse, a fairy is defined as any natural creature having physical form but not free will. To clarify, faeries have their own desires, but have no choice but to obey a direct order from a legitimate authority, unlike mundane creatures, who can disobey orders as they please.

Kinds of faeries Edit


Seleighe and Unseleighe fae - Maleficent from Disney's Sleeping Beauty is an example of an unseleighe, or bad faerie.




Other creatures such as elves, genies, goblins, trolls, or kobolds are also sometimes considered faeries, but for our purposes, are not.

The Fae's Defense Edit

Most faeries are very clever and mischievous. Both good and bad faerie folk are usually well aware of their limitations and, having lived for millennia, have come up with cunning ways to get around the rules, obeying them to the letter only. Thus, for example, a faerie may ignore an obligation over a "misunderstanding" of the meaning of a word used in an agreement, or even go so far as to prevent one of the conditions from coming about. Vampires and bad faeries alike are infamous for using slaves or weak-minded people to get around the rule that prevents them from entering where they are not yet welcome.

Notable characters Edit



Prince Mi

Prince Selv