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Farron is the crown prince of the nageel, the race of were-eels who live in the depths off the coast of Otter Island.


Farron is the son of Emperor Repenthe (who has to date never been named within the stories), and has schemed under his nose to eventually seize power from him.

Farron was created for an as-yet-unreleased Christmas special.


While allowing his father to believe that he is merely lazy and indulgent, Farron has been rebuilding the ancient cliff-cities in the northern chasm and populating them with his servants and concubines. At the same time, he has made a deal with Nexicul, promising free access to Oberon's gate in exchange for assistance in conquering the island. He has also captured a ring containing Khaled the ghast, which he used later on to team up with General Scotorus and wrest power from Prince Selv of the sprites.


Farron seldom assumes human form, prefferring instead to wear his midway form, which is well-muscled, but worn. His skin is slate blue with purple fins. His head fin bears a notch from an old cut. His round, yellow eyes are perpetually ringed with purple bags, publicly declaring the psychological stress his own evil has placed on himself.

Typically, Farron wears only a pair of gauntlets and a skirt.


Farron is a schemer, through and through. He is a liar and a double-crosser who would gladly murder his own children to further his agenda.


A vague prediction by his father's fortune teller has hinted that Farron will become emperor, but will be killed by his son, possibly by transformation to stone. It is expected that this will happen in the Manifold Crisis storyline.