Fats is an overweight lizard who frequently appears in Edge of Reason.

Origin Edit

Oren created Fats in the fourth grade while studying ventriloquism. The character was created purely for the purpose of practice, and had as his only component Oren's right hand. Later on, the character was assigned a species and placed in Edge of Reason, and has not been a hand since.

Fats first appeared as a background character in strip number 21, where he suffered from severe overbite. His appearance has since been refined.

Appearance Edit

Fats is a chubby green lizard with bulging eyes and a yellow underbelly. He usually wears only a T-shirt, but has been known at times to wear pants, or at other times go naked.

Personality Edit

Fats tends to just roll with life, being an underachiever and loving it.

Relatives Edit

Brother: Skinnys

Other Appearances Edit

Fats is one of the main characters in Webcomic Commandos.

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