Floyb (no last name) is a favorite among readers of Webcomic U. He is the token weirdo.

Origin Edit

Floyb was created especially for Webcomic U. Though we have never gotten to see his family to date, we do know that his mother filled out his birth certificate in crayon. It is likely she intended to name him "Floyd", but inverted the final letter.

Appearance Edit

Floyb was created as a mixture of certain popular internet cartoons, and resembles a fusion of Weebl and Homestar Runner. The upper part of his head has eyes of two different sizes, usually crossed, and hovers above his lower jaw with no physical connection to the rest of his body. His skin is yellow, as are what may either be his legs or pants, save two thick green soles on the bottoms of his feet. He has no arms, but wears a sleeveless red sweater with a backwards white F on it. Floyb is often rendered in crayon.

Personality Edit

Floyb's personality is somewhere between Gonzo the Great, Cheese from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and Homsar from He appears to be simultaneously brilliant and retarded, one moment speaking glibly about his academic pursuits and the next, licking the snack machine. Few things upset Floyb as long as he is allowed his favorite food- sausage. Floyb loves sausage and will do nearly anything for it. He is also very friendly with his roommate, Scarry, much to the tanuki's chagrin.

Other appearances Edit

Floyb was one of the judges on the only episode of Catch the Otter. Floyb has also appeared a few times on recipes for Pandora's Kitchen. Floyb was one of six characters chosen to appear in the trailer for the fictional game Webcomic Commandos. In it, he is transformed into a moderately intelligent individual with electric powers.

Trivia Edit

Floyb doesn't wear pants. Those soles are actually part of his feet. Floyb's favorite way to eat sausage is to have it tied in the shape of a poodle.

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