Fnaire Antbear is a female anthropomorphic giant anteater who currently resides at Frye Opossum's mansion in Fort Crawlins, Critter County, Colorado. She is the sister of Fnox and cousin of Aroura.

Origin Edit

Fnaire's character has two purposes: she was created to be a primary character in Room For One More, but she also functions as an avatar of creator Brittany Greatbear, in which capacity she serves to represent the artist "behind the scenes."

Fnaire arrived in Critter County looking for a place to stay while she attended Critter County College. She did not have far to look, as her chance encounter with Frye was all the reason she needed to inquire at the mansion. She knew she would fit in nicely.

Fnaire was born in Chile but her parents are Christian missionaries living in South Africa. As a result, Fnaire is fluent in Spanish and Swahili as well as English. Recently it was also revealed that there is some human blood in Fnaire's ancestry (on her father's side). Her mother took a drug to ensure fertility.

Appearance Edit

Fnaire stands about 180 centimeters tall with light brown shoulder-length hair. Her fur is primarily brown with black and white markings typical of her kind. She rarely wears clothes, except to keep warm (as when visiting Antarctica) or while participating in certain activities such as football or ballet class.

Personality Edit

Fnaire is very level-headed most of the time and appears accustomed to the out-of-the-ordinary, although she still reacts to certain surprises to be found in the mansion much as anyone else would. She is the kind who rolls with the punches and can adapt quickly once she determines there is nothing to fear. Her main weakness is that she can be very self-conscious about her appearance, which has been known to have a severe impact on her emotional state. For example, she wore a tree to cover up her bald tail after confusing her shampoo with Frye's depilatory cream. To her credit, she is helpful and very loyal to those she cares about.

Relatives Edit

Mr. and Mrs. Antbear, her parents

Fnox Antbear, her brother

Aroura Opossum (married to Boyle)

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