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Fort Crawlins, Critter County, Colorado is the setting of Room For One More.


Fort Crawlins is based on the real world Fort Collins, Colorado. The most notable location in the city, 86711 Prospect Bvd. is easily recognizable as the corner of Prospect Blvd. and Taft Hill, although if the address were real, it would actually be miles on the other side of Mt. Horsetooth. This was the actual residence of Room For One More's current author for several months.


Fort Crawlins is the former location of Castle Horsetooth. In the days of Sir Fluren and Briarwood, it existed as a number of small villages, many of which still retain their individual names today.


Fort Crawlins considers itself a very progressive town, and justifiably so. It is one of the few places in the world where animals, normally treated as second class citizens, can live as true equals to humans. Critter County College was the first college in America to willingly admit nonhumans as students.

Cosmic significance[]

Fort Crawlins is the location of both Oberon's gate for that dimension and the O-gate for the multiverse, though the latter has not yet been officially discovered.