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Frankenstein's Garage is the name given to a series of crossovers during the Halloween of 2003. It featured five characters, all from Pandora's then-current lineup of strips, being chased by a rampaging chainsaw-wielding Volkswagon.


Comics Visited[]

  • Orwell's Gas Station: The first six strips, which set up the premise of Frankenstein's Garage, were set in this comic.
  • Amanda
  • Terebinth
  • Knight Shift
  • The Tongue
  • Room For One More
  • Brain Cramps: Broke from tradition by giving the strip's characters dialogue.
  • Transformation U.
  • The Highly Esteemed Goon Show
  • Tommy and PJ
  • The Changing Workplace
  • Rock in a Hard Place
  • Intense Stories
  • The Dragon Museum
  • Study Abroad
  • Fruit-Tease
  • Starship Energize
  • Otter Island
  • The Bright Side of Life
  • The last strip ended with the group trying to enter Trials and Trivializations, but the door was locked (a sign on the door read "On Hiatus). Fortunately for them, the car ran out of gas at that moment.

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