The HALO universe is the setting of HALO, the story of a human who is suddenly thrust into a bizarre, furry, superhero world.


The story of the HALO universe begins with Doctor Gary Pennyweight. Pennyweight discovered an interuniversal portal called the O-gate. Using the O-gate, he was able to travel from his own universe, Darkfox, to Happy Forest. In the other universe, he met a sentient cobra by the name of Dr. Hood. Hood and Pennyweight worked together to discover the secrets of the O-gates. In so doing, they also discovered a microverse within Happy Forest, one which had nothing in it but a vast supply of creative energy. The lust for that power corrupted Hood, and he would stop at nothing to possess it. His main obstacle was the fact that the physics which would allow him to shrink and enter the microverse simply did not exist within Happy Forest. He would have to merge Happy Forest with Darkfox.

To protect himself, Doctor Hood overpowered Dr. Pennyweight and merged their bodies. Thinking he had erased Penyweight's mind, he then proceeded to move the Happy Forest O-Gate to a black hole. The forces of the vortex jammed the gate open and the fabric of space itself rapidly pushed the entirety of the Darkfox universe into Happy Forest, causing the two universes to amalgamate.

The inhabitants of both universes were killed, their bodies being merged to form new people entirely, with the exception of Dr. Hood and a rabbit named Dark Avenger Nine. Only two pieces of the the original universes remained, shards of rare transuranic elements unique to each universe.

Hood soon discovered that his amalgamated body was incapable of containing the force he sought to possess. His attempt to kidnap J Shifter and use his body failed, causing him to have to wait a month for the O-gate to recharge before he could capture another alien. The wait was cut short when an alien visited the HALO universe. Hood stole its body and made his voyage to the microverse.

Second OriginEdit

The battle for the microverse was intense, resulting in the death of everyone on both sides. Doctor Hood was destroyed when J shifter allowed his body to explode. J Shifter was then quite surprised to find himself existing as a spirit, imbued with godlike powers. He then used his powers to un-amalgamate the universes and recreate the HALO universe within the microverse, bringing all of the heroes back to life, including himself.

It is believed that Dr. Hood's remains may have contaminated the new universe, and there is now a campaign underway to retrieve them all.