Humans may be the most populous sentient race throughout the many universes. They have given rise to a number of descendant species, including elf, dwarf and goblin, and can be found nearly everywhere.

Appearance Edit

Humans are primates, but of a very unusual sort. They are almost completely furless. Standing an average of six feet tall, humans are described as having the legs of a bear, the arms of a lizard, the hands of a rat, the mane of a lion, the face of a monkey and the nose of a tapir. They have no tails, which makes it difficult for them to balance on two legs. Human eyesight is very strong. Their hearing is average and their sense of smell is rather poor. Human scent glands are located beneath the shoulder, allowing them to automatically scent-mark anything carried under the arm. Ironically, most humans cannot tell one scent from another, so this ability tends to become useless in an all-human society.

Culture Edit

Human culture is extremely widely varied. Groups of humans will organize into large nations which may cover anywhere from a few square miles to several star systems. Among traits which seem to be common to nearly all human societies are the wearing of clothing, monogamous marriage and strong ties between family members.

Life cycle Edit

Humans are live-born after a gestation of nine months. They learn to speak at about two years and become sexually mature around eighteen. At twenty-one, they are considered fully mature and encouraged to strike out on their own. With proper care, the average human can live to be about a hundred and twenty, though some have been known to live much longer.

Notable individuals Edit

Taji Sato

Sir Fluren

Paul Barnabus

Chef gregory

Jim Fluffle

Ned Seagoon

Jack McSomethingorother



Linda Ilgom



Felice Folmer