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Intense Stories is an umbrella title for a number of stories set in the Intense Universe which do not stand alone. They are all in comic-book style and to date, each story has only one arc which serves as an introduction.


Question Mark, about a team of misfit superheroes similar to Justice League America

The Allies, a parody of World War II-era comics like Captain America

Critter-Man, unfinished

Death Lord in "Death Lord vs. Primordius", characters by Todd Whitehead. A battle on a "conceptual" scale.

Vic Torious vs. the Overlords. There is actually no proper title for this story.

Challenger in "Challenger's Night Out". Challenger is a superhero similar to Dare Devil.

Out of Toon featuring Chin-Chillin' and Hairless Hank in "Fur-Shur", a Looney-Tunes-style funny animal story that makes fun of "cartoon physics" conventions.

Aardvark, the origin story

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