Interspecies marriage is a recurring theme in Pandora Comics. Below is a list of known interspecies marriages.

In Room For One MoreEdit

Mim (sugar glider) and Bo (rock hopper penguin) Riverton

Tiffany Runinghorse's parents, a human female and a horse male

Aurora (anteater) and Boyle (opossum) Opossum

Karma (human) and Moonpuppy (dog)


Bruiser's parents, a male sperm whale and a female blue whale

Jay (human) and Rayna (1/4 rabbit) Kayton

In The FlufflesEdit

Jim (human) and Chanelle (skunk) Fluffle

In Castle HorsetoothEdit

Katherine (cat) and Aldershot (owl) Owl

On OtterTunesEdit

Stinky Bob (opossum) and Cute Pink Bunny The Opossum


In each of these cases, both husband and wife are people. Pandora Comics does not condone bestiality and refuses to allow it to be depicted in any of its member comics.