Ironhorse was a lesser villain in the first chapter of HALO, a horse with a body made of steel.

Origin Edit

Ironhorse is first mentioned by Plastic, in recounting his own origin story, as being the villain responsible for the death of Paper. It may be assumed that Ironhorse was an amalgamation of an iron-skinned villain from the Darkfox universe merged with a horse from the Happy Forest universe. Beyond this, no information has been given as to where he came from. His next appearance was in the employ of Dr. Hood, tasked with defeating the ones protecting Jay Kayton.

Personality Edit

Ironhorse has not demonstrated an especially strong fighting ability, but there is something about his very presence that inspires fear. He seems to have a superior mind that finds ways to get what he wants done. He is ruthless and efficient.

Current Status Edit

Ironhorse was thought neutralized by Darkmask when her luck power was energized, causing him to rust. He returned, inexplicably restored, all too soon as part of the crew of Hood's shrinking ship. When J Shifter and Malaika left the ship to pursue Hood, Ironhorse must have perished with the rest. He has not been seen since, which may mean that he will not be returning, or it may simply mean that he has yet to reappear.

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