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Originally ordinary human Jay Kayton, J Shifter is a polymorph or shape-shifter who may assume any physical form he wishes. So far, he seems to favor animal forms. Excluding Gary Pennyweight, he is one of two characters in the HALO universe who is not an amalgam, the other being Dark Avenger Nine.


J Shifter was a comic book collector from the HC4 Earth who was suddenly snatched into the HALO universe by Dr. Hood for an unknown purpose. His knowledge of comic books proved useful when he found out he was now effectively living in them. The instability of his foreign molecules in the new environment triggered his shape-shifting power, though this condition would prove useful in another way later.


Originally, Jay's power came about as a result of his alien makeup and close proximity to Darkmask, whose luck field gave his the power to allow his body to almost but not quite become an amalgam, and in the process become any sort of anthropomorphic animal he wishes. It could also go a step further and transform him into any animal of the Happy Forest type. The chief drawback to this power was that it created a great deal of heat, causing J to become rather ill with repeated changes. When J Shifter recreated the HALO universe, he also gave himself a new body which is able to metamorphose at will, without the dangerous limitations.


As an avid reader of speculative fiction, Jay is an expert of the interaction of universes. His research on the subject has even proven useful in other universes, enabling characters in different realities to communicate via fiction.


In his former life J Shifter had friends, but the only one we have seen is Kevin the comic book store cashier, who was killed by Dr. Hood. J Shifter is happily married to Rainbow. As a member of H.A.L.O., he operates as a lieutenant for Tung.