Jim Fluffle is a human from the Room For One More world. He is the husband of Chanelle Skunk Fluffle and the father of Red Fluffle (with more on the way as of the writing of this article.)

Origin Edit

Jim Fluffle was originally a character created by Brittany Greatbear for a computer game. He was later incorporated into Room For One More, along with his girlfriend, to run a very special "socially relevant" storyline. Jim and his new family later appeared in their own comic, The Fluffles. A tongue-in-cheek reference to Jim and Chanelle meeting at a college for webcomic characters gave rise to Jim's third comic, Webcomic U., in which he was retroactively cast as as a character designed for soap comics.

Family Edit

Nothing is known yet of Jim's parents. His marriage, however, is very significant in that he is one of a very few human characters to marry a nonhuman. His wife, Chanelle, is a humanoid skunk. His eldest son, who is adopted, is a fox. His other children, still unborn, are low-degree skunk morphs.

Personality Edit

Jim is a laid-back character who often settles for much less than he deserves. His unusually realistic style made people think that he was meant to be cast in a boring soap comic. Unhappy with this line of work, Jim gave up on being a webcomic star and took up engineering instead, becoming a mechanic specializing in the building of electric windmills, which he now does for a living. Many among his college peers expected him to end up married to Princess Zorxoxna, and though he tried dating her, found the experience unfulfilling. During his time dating Zorxoxna, Jim got to know her roommate, Chanelle, and discovered that while she, as a skunk, was a social outcast, she had the intelligence and depth of emotion which he required in a mate.

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