Journey to the Bottom of the Multiverse

Group: Eclipse Comics

Artist: Chaos Otter

Style: Black and white ink

Setting: The Multiverse

Premise: Steve and Wilma embark on a journey to the bottom of the multiverse.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Steve and Wilma, two human scientists, plan to take and film their journey to the bottom of the multiverse. As they arrive in the lowest realm, they turn into animals, specifically whichever animal fits their behavior. They also run into Chaos Otter, who offers to guide them to their destination. He also informs them that they will need nine members for their epic journey: a brain, a strong guy, a kid, a jerk, an idiot, a nice guy, a mysterious stranger, a weirdo, and a well-endowed female.

After Steve, Wilma, and Chaos Otter recruit their nine members, they journey further and further downwards as space curves around them, encountering roctites, demon locusts, and a race of two dimensional aliens, until they finally arrive at the bottom of the multiverse.


Steve: The jerk. Leader of the expedition.

Wilma: The brain. Assistant to Steve and cinematographer.

Chaos Otter: The nice guy. Steve and Wilma's guide.

Tina-4: The beautiful female. The only native of the lowest realm.

Percy: The idiot.

Oddball Amy: The weirdo. Found writing a poem with a pencil and paper.

Biff: The strong guy. An incredibly strong mouse.

Unnamed kid: The kid.

Enima: The mysterious stranger. Revealed to be Tina-4's father.

Nurp the Ascended: The navigator of a starship stuck in the bottom of the multiverse.

Margok: A crewman of the starship.

Captain Cloris: The captain of the starship.

Ploogie: Owner of a hot dog stand at the bottom of the multiverse.

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