Lord Earthen is a lesser villain from HALO, a blind naked mole rat who possessed the earth elemental gauntlet. His portion of the second chapter of the HALO series is the largest to date.

Origin Edit

Earthen first appeared as what looked like a minor threat, robbing a jewelry store for its precious gems, but the ease (and thoroughness) of his escape proved there was much more to this villain than meets the eye. A reader's-eye view into his domain revealed he was the self-proclaimed ruler of all the mole peoples and the underground realm where they live, having usurped the throne from his mother, whom he kept captive. He meant to take as many jewels as he could get his hands on and perhaps even extend his reign, if not his influence, to the surface world.

Powers Edit

The earth gauntlet allowed Earthen to open and close gaps in layers of earth and solid stone at a whim, as well as to move or propel chunks of mineral matter with a thought.

It bears noting, however, that even without using the gauntlet Earthen was a formidable strategist and fighter and not the least bit handicapped by the lack of eyes.

In his battle with Big Bruiser, it is revealed that not all of Earthen's powers come from the gauntlet. He is in fact a natural terrakinetic, able to both move minerals psionically and detect their presence. This sensory power extends to organic minerals and metals as well, allowing him to "see" people and machines. Completely non-mineral objects such as plastic, however, are invisible to him.

Personality Edit

Earthen has a very large yet fragile ego, which is fed by a lust for power and fine jewels. He enjoys making people suffer and exerting authority through brute force, but he becomes afraid the moment he is outwitted. Stripped of his power, his courage toppled like a house of cards.

Current Status Edit

Through a daring move by Malaika and Bruiser, Earthen's gauntlet was removed and he was quickly apprehended. His mother was freed and he was taken to whatever serves as a prison in the underground kingdom, where he remains to this day.

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