Group: Moonbase

Creator: Oren Otter

Style: Ink

Setting: Wunno, Tyuwo, Threen, Foro Islands

Premise: Taji sets out on a quest to capture every Magimal in the land of Wunno.


Magimals bears many similarities to and openly references Pokemon. Taji captures Magimals by first weakening them, and then capturing them with Digi-Cubes (similar in function to Pokeballs). He collects data on Magimals with a List-o-pedia (similar to a Pokedex).


Around 2004, Oren Otter wanted to make a comic about his adventures with Pokemon. He asked Nintendo for permission to do so, and was turned down very flatly. Not willing to give up, he and his nephew Xan_Folmerset out to create their own battling monsters system. Magimals began as a parody of Pokemon in particular and battling monsters games in general. It references elements from Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher, Yu-Gi-Oh and others.


Magimals takes place in the land of Wunno, one of only four countries in Taji's world. (The others being Tyuwo, Threen and the Foro Islands, as listed above. The comic is expected to follow five extended stories, one in each country, followed by one which spans the entire world.



Taji Sato - The protagonist of the series. His mission is to collect and tame every kind of Magimal that exists. His current job is as an aide to the Magimal researcher, Ephraim Sycamore.

Ephraim Sycamore - A researcher of Magimals who sends Taji on his quest.

Helga - a groomer and breeder who also conducts field research on the behavior of wild magimals.

Jinki O'gyoh - A spikey-haired youth from the Yoyomon universe who becomes Taji's best friend.

Harv Jager - A treasure hunting cyborg with an unfortunate penchant for gambling.

Susie - The Protown champion and a warrior through and through.


The major villains of the story are Team Gerbil, a criminal cult who worship and seek to summon Achikon, a violent titan resembling a three-story tall gerbil. To show their allegiance, The members are known only by the nicknames which the heroes give them. Here are some of those who have appeared in the comic. Many more wait to be introduced.

Boltface - A large fellow who is addicted to body piercing.

Tatoo - A very large man with tatoos of magimals all over his body.

Blindman - A one-eyed, black, pimple-faced teen who serves as team Gerbil's technical brains.

Known Magimals Collected by TajiEdit

Other storiesEdit

Part of the story "Enrique and Heather" takes place in the Magimals world.

Theme songEdit

The theme to Magimals is "So Many Magimals", by Cyril the Wolf.

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