Malaika is an android, the only non-biological member of H.A.L.O. He is a supporting member of the team, providing above-average strength, speed, and ability to analyze data.

Origins Edit

Malaika began life as unit E.A.-15, one of many androids built by Dark Avenger Nine for his own personal service. It is shown early on that unit 15 had a sense of creativity and self-determination not present in his counterparts, as well as the ability to detect the presence of Paper, who at that time was in a state of semi-existence.

When H.A.L.O. was driven from Dark Avenger's lair, E.A.-15, carrying the precious shard, followed them and became part of their company. The mutant whale matriarch Lorna revealed that the reason E.A.-15 was able to interact with Paper, among other things, was because he had a soul. With help from Plastic and the Atlantean whales he was retrofitted with a much improved chassis. It was then, acting on the advice of J Shifter, that he chose a new name for himself.

Malaika was present with J Shifter near the climactic confrontation with Dr. Hood but he was unable to touch the fount of creation without being split in two. This suggests that he, too, was an amalgam with a counterpart in Happy Forest.

Malaika was reborn when the HALO universe was recreated.

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