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Mij Maxwell is a famous otter known both to humans and otters.


Mijbil Maxwell has his origins in the real world. He was the companion of Gavin Maxwell, who wrote about him in his autobiography, "Ring of Bright Water". Gavin found him in the marshes of Iraq.  Mij spent his childhood in Iraq, but as an adult, lived in northern Scottland at a house called Casumfearna.

The Legend[]

In Otter Island lore, Mij was a prince of the Water King tribe. At the time of his birth, relations between humans and otters bordered on outright warfare, with the otters being far more sinned against than sinning. Mijbil was the second of four sent to make peace between humans and otters by demonstrating to humans the true nature of otters. Despite a penchant for getting into trouble, he accomplished this much better than his father anticipated.

Mijbil Maxwell met his untimely end when he was brutally murdered by a malicious local farmer who drove a pick through his skull and stole the pelt from his corpse.

On Otter Island, a monument in the gardens at the Farm Village honors Mijbil and the other Maxwells for their efforts in making peace between humans and otters.


Mijbil is described as being rather ordinary, almost homely, and graceless on land. In the water, however, he was the epitome of grace and beautiful to behold. Mij was the first Water King to be officially recognized by humans, who named the species "Maxwell's Otter".


In the movie "Ring of Bright Water", Mij was played by an actor with the same name.

Mij had a compulsive disorder which drove him to bite every human ear he saw exactly once. After a person had both ears bitten, they could be counted safe.

Mij's favorite hobby was a dangerous game in which he would swat the tails of cows and leap away before being kicked.

Mij had trouble walking upright, and would frequently become frustrated when he wanted to carry his favorite ball while on a walk.

Favorite food: eel. Least favorite food: basking shark.