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Moonbase Comics is a subset of Pandora comics. When Pandora experienced a breakup in 2005, a number of comics, including those belonging to Oren Otter and Ellie Dachshi regrouped to form Moonbase Comics. Other former members joined to form Orbiter Comics. Orbiter was soon rejoined with Moonbase as a seperate section for artists who did not wish to become heavily involved in the group and had no need of "frills". This officially re-created Pandora comics.

Moonbase currently exists as the "premium level" for its member comics, reserved for those who are willing to put a lot of effort into the group and offering more services in return.

Moonbase member comics[]

Tommy and PJ

The Changing Workplace


Otter Island

Room For One More

Castle Horsetooth


Oren's Monastery

The Highly Esteemed Goon Show Comic

Webcomic U.

Orwell's Gas Station


Rock in a Hard Place

The Fluffles

Intense Stories

Amanda and her plushie friends

Mixed Signals

Double Trouble

The Changing Workplace 2

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