The most prominent universe in Pandora Comics is the multiverse. It consists of one billion dimensions, some of which have parallel worlds, but most of which are unique.

The Gate SystemEdit

Most dimensions are connected by a gate system known as Oberon's Highway. This highway consists of a large ring-shaped doorway and a control stone in each of the dimensions. When a combination of small, magical gems are placed in a 3 X 3 grid on the control stone, the accompanying ring joins to another ring in a different dimension, allowing the user to simply step through.

Several of the magical gems are also used in other technologies, especially phonicite, which figures prominently in The Fuzzies.

The gate system is powered by a stream of magic which originates from the apos of the multiverse and slowly trickles to zakos, where it dissipates to nothing.

Known Worlds in the MultiverseEdit

The High Abyss



Room For One More

Fuzzy Doom

Otter Island Earth

Robot World

Enchanted Grove



Elf island

Kendru world

Monaur microverse

Microlont microverse

Xymel Earth


Toon world

Astruchin homeworld

Tierune Homeworld

Rat city



Insectivore City

Murmle world

Realm of Chaos

Low abyss