The nageel are half-man, half-eels that inhabit the ocean off Otter Island. They represent the Island's most immediate, if not the greatest, threat.

Origin Edit

It is believed the nageel were uplifted in some form or fashion as a result of the magic leaking from Oberon's gate.

Physical characteristics Edit

The nageel are polymorphs, but they are limited to three forms: full eel, human, and intermediate. The latter form may or may not have legs and feet as needed. They typically wear robes or toga-like garments. They tend to be physically strong and muscular, and they are fully capable of using tools and weapons. Their hair may be styled like human hair. They are able to breathe and speak as well under water as out of it.

Culture Edit

The nageel exist under an absolute monarchy, led by an Emperor, to whom complete loyalty is taken for granted. Their belief is that upon his death, an emperor rises to godhood, therefore an emperor's word is absolute law. The history of the nageel as a people has seen times of prosperity as well as decline, as at present. Because of the declaration of a previous emperor, the nageel believe that Otter Island is their rightful property and will not negotiate any kind of peace with its inhabitants. Furthermore, they are constantly seeking ways to gain a foothold on the Island even though the peaceful otters present no threat to the nageels' home. As a result, they are generally haughty, pugnacious, and uncouth. Their leaders seem to retain their power by cunning rather than brute force.

The enemy Edit

The strategic importance of the Oberon's gate just off the coast of the Island is not lost to the nageel (at least to the most cunning and powerful) which has inspired some surprising scheming on the part of Farron, the present crown prince. His alliance with Nexicul, while intended to gain Farron supreme power, could lead to his undoing--since it is Nexicul who means to use him.

Notable characters Edit

Emperor Repenthe - the current ruler

Farron - the power-hungry heir to the throne

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