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Nexicul is an ancient male dryad who is presently the greatest force of evil known to the entire multiverse. He is the number one villain in Otter Island, but is also referenced in Castle Horsetooth. While he is not mentioned therein, he is integral to the plot of Fuzzy Doom.


Nexicul originally hails from Homonymia, then known as the Land of Horrible Puns. Germinated in an overgrown forest, he was extremely scrawny, being half-starved for nutrients and light. At the advice of Sir Fluren and Briarwood, Nexicul uprooted his tree and moved to another dimension. There, he grew strong and became the guardian of his new home. As the world was imbued with elemental energies perfect for dryads, Nexicul's tree rapidly grew to monstrous proportion. His roots became so deep that they started interfering with the biosphere of the planet itself. As his power grew, Nexicul's concern for other life forms diminished. Instead of protecting the people of his realm, he began sucking up their life forces through his roots, beginning with the wateries, the rocktiles, the mudmen and the clodfolk. Once he had absorbed a person's life force, he then found he could remotely animate their body. Today, he uses living zombies as avatars to do his dirty work.

Currently, Nexicul is attempting to spread throughout the entire multiverse using Oberon's Highway. The magic stream which powers the gate system has become a food source for him, which means that the zakos part of the multiverse now suffers from a severe magic shortage. If the stream were blocked or diverted for very long, Nexicul would probably die.


As a child, Nexicul stood only three feet high, as did his tree. As an adult, he grew to an impressive ten feet while his tree reached a height of five stories. After becoming evil, he now stands well over twenty stories high, and spends most of his time sitting in a throne which has grown directly from his tree. The tree itself has completely engulfed the planet.

In all eras, Nexicul's face is distinguished by an extremely long nose and long ears tipped with tufts of leaves. His entire body is covered with a rough wood grain, as though he had been carved.


Nexicul supposedly has a child whose seed was spawned during his days as a hero. Nothing else is known about him or her.

Because dryads are faerie folk, Nexicul cannot enter any world where he has not been invited.