Nikito is the mushroom wizard from Castle Horsetooth

Origin Edit

Nikito was raised from birth as a student of the magical arts. His parents wished to insure a good future for him, and they knew that the job of wizard, though highly unpopular in their society, would provide steady work.

Nikito fell deeply in love with a woman named Leonara. This would provide severe complications, as he was a human and she was a lioness. As human / animal romances were verboten in this era, the only logical course seemed to be to turn himself into a lion. Nikito's transformation failed and turned him instead into a mushroom, which he remains to this day.

Although Leonara was willing to love Nikito as a mushroom, a misunderstanding led to their breakup, as well as a permanent curse on the lion she was seen with and all of his firstborn male descendants.

Appearance Edit

Nikito is a red mushroom with a white stalk and white spots. He has two large eyes which sit low on his cap. His only item of clothing is a magical hat covered in stars and moons. One symbol near the base of the cap has an odd tendency to change to reflect whatever is happening at the moment.

As a human, Nikito is a well-muscled oriental man with brown hair that hangs over his brow like the visor of a baseball cap. His head is slightly more oblong than that of Sir Fluren.

Personality Edit

Nikito is awesome in his own mind. He is unwilling to admit any shortcoming and always hides his mistakes, leading to an inability to learn from them. He is regarded as semi-competent by most of the Castle residents, especially Aldershot, who constantly ribs him for it.

Trivia Edit

To date, Nikito has never been named in Castle Horsetooth. He is only called "The Wizard".

Nikito was used in an advertisement for the fictional game "Webcomic Commandos".

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