Oberon's gate is a means of travel between dimensions in the Multiverse.

Origin Edit

Oberon's gate system, also known as Oberon's highway, was introduced in Otter Island. The system was built by faeries working for Oberon, who, having a sudden attack of wanderlust, wished to explore the multiverse, but did not wish to do so under his own power.

Function Edit

Oberon's gates are powered by a river of magic which flows from Avalon to the zakos (bottom) of the multiverse. Each gate has an address numbering from zero to 999,999,999. The address is "dialed" by placing nine magical stones, each being one of ten possible varieties, into a control grid. Once an address is dialed, the gates warp space within the gate's ring causing the local gate and the remote gate to physically join. Gate connections stay open for one hour, unless they are closed either by removing the control stones from the point of origin, or placing a single scotomite gem in the center of the control grid. Other variations of the gate exist, allowing travel into realms such as microverses, phases and virtual realities.

Side effects Edit

The gate system uses a considerable amount of magic. In some places, this magic has leaked. Centuries of exposure has resulted in some interesting effects. This magic leakage was responsible for several inanimate objects achieving sentience, including Otter Island, Cafe, Voa and others. It also resulted in the evolution of the Nageel, the were-eels who live below Otter Island. Perhaps the most dramatic effect is the horrific growth of Nexicul, who uses the magic stream as his primary food source.

Similar items Edit

Oberon's gates should not be confused with the O-Gates, which link universes. Oberon's gates only link dimensions within a single universe.

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