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One Clown Short by Frauke "Fat Cat" Nonnenmacher was one of the first members of Pandora. It centered on the crew of the Rode Grode med Flode, a starship with no obvious mission. The comic was removed from Pandora when both the archives and the author disappeared from the internet.


Gijah, a tauroid feline navigator, and star of the series.

Bullotzo, a large worm-like engineer and Gijah's adopted brother.

Doctor Todovu, the ship's human surgeon who seldom feels any empathy for anyone but himself.

The Captain, a large, gentle human with his face almost entirely obscured by hair. In later strips, the captain can be seen with a cork in his hat, plugging a rather large plothole.


The author occasionally appeared in the series, interacting with the characters.

One Clown Short participated in a Halloween crossover with 21st Century Fox, The Tongue and Tommy and PJ

The comic had frequent guest appearances by Oren Otter, by way of the plothole in the Captain's hat.

One Clown Short participated in Wired for Christmas.