The OverLords was a street gang, now disbanded, in Boston, Massachusetts in the Intense Universe. They were small-time criminals who had foolish aspirations of greater evil. The superhero Vic Torious was once one of their number.

History Edit

The OverLords liked to live dangerously and had no mercy and no conscience. When their attack on the church where Sister Steele worked failed, they were forced to retreat, but they regrouped. After Victor left and became a Christian, they were approached by a man who called himself The Endowed. He wanted the OverLords' help in hunting down mutants so that he could steal their power and use it himself. The gang enjoyed picking on freaks anyways, and the price was right, so they agreed. One of the mutants they pursued (but failed to capture) turned out to be Brad Whittaker, who was to become the superhero Mentalis. After Endowed disappeared, leaving his technology behind, the gang's leader Monger decided to help himself to the power already accumulated. He and the rest of the gang members were thus transformed into grotesquely exaggerated versions of themselves. Monger even felt confident enough in his new power that he set up an underground cult with himself as the object of worship. He then killed a man and framed another for his murder in order to remove the only two obstacles to a certain area he meant to control.

Fortunately, the gang was defeated by Vic Torious and Finneas and apprehended.

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